Moments by Sherri | 2016 Experience - My 365 Photo Project - Week 3

2016 Experience - My 365 Photo Project - Week 3

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So....I totally forgot to post my blog on Sunday.  And then with Monday being a holiday, it just slipped my mind.  But better late than never, right?


Day 10...there's snow up in there mountains.  At least it's up there and not down here!  I love looking at the snow from far away.  I have no desire to actually go and see it in person though!


Day 11.  I always have a great sense of pride when I see these jets at our base.  We have jets here at DM. They are the A-10s.   But these jets are the F-15E's from another base.  Seymour Johnson AFB, NC to be exact.  See...that is where my dad retired.  And this is where I met my husband.  So SJ has a special place in my heart.  They come here to do training because of our mild weather.


Day 12.  Just a random picture of the traffic while I was sitting at a stoplight on my way to work.  I bring my camera to work every day so I make sure I can get my daily photo taken.  But it is a nice view of the mountains, too..don't you think?!?!?!


Day 13.  My husband bought me this lens a year ago.   It's called a LensBaby.  I saw an ad for it in one of the photography magazines I get.  I fell in love with the images on saw on their website and I HAD to have this lens.  I envisioned these gorgeous pictures I would be able to take.  Well...that lens is very hard to learn!  I got frustrated with it and put it away in my camera bag.  I decided to pull it out and keep it on my camera to try and get used to it.  I bought an online course to help me figure it out as well.  The main thing is that it is a manual focus lens, which means I have to manually focus it myself.  Trying to find that "sweet spot" is a huge learning curve.  This is a picture of my view from my desk at work.  I will be posting more of these pictures from my lensbaby and hopefully we will be able to see some progress!


Day 14.  Another shot using my LensBaby lens.  This is outside of my house looking from my backyard.  I love that I have a couple of palm trees that I can look at daily. I like how the blur is on the sides of it and the focus is on the trees. 


Day 15. Same view as yesterday, but this was at sunset.  Yesterday's picture was in the morning before I left for work.  As you can see, there are power lines in this photo and not in yesterday's photo.  It was easier to get rid of them in the daytime photo.  The different colors in the sunset made it difficult to take them out, so I decided to just leave them in there. 


Day 16.  Yet another view of my favorite palm trees.  This day it was overcast and cloudy.  Didn't rain, but it sure looked like it was going to!  Those dang power lines again were hard to take out...another thing to practice on in Lightroom, I guess!


Day 17.  I had a cake smash today!  Zabadiel turned one!  Woohoo!  I decided to put my Lensbaby on my camera and try it out on the cake.  The whole premise of the lens is to provide a nice blur around the picture with a slice of focus on one thing.  Still working on it....what do you think?



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