Moments by Sherri | 2016 Experience - My 365 Photo Project - Week 2

2016 Experience - My 365 Photo Project - Week 2

January 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Day 4

Woke up to clouds and rain that thing about AZ is you never see the same sky twice.


Day 5

My daughter had just gotten back from her mission trip in Haiti and was showing me all of her goodies that she had gotten there.   She celebrated her birthday in Haiti so she had a birthday present to open from us when she got home!


Day 6

You know we did!  Whenever we buy lottery tickets, we always buy some scratch off tickets.  Hey, you never know, right?!?!?!


Day 7

This was while I was at work.  It rained  The nice thing about owning a Jeep, is I can just go straight through all of those puddles!

Day 8

I pulled out my macro lens and got some raindrops on the tree in the front of my house.  I hadn't used my macro in a while....I forgot how much I love using it!


Day 9

This cutie right here...he came into my studio as a model so I could take some pictures for my Valentine's Day mini sessions.  Those eyes!  That head of hair!  And he was so loving!  He was giving me hugs the whole time!  I can't wait to get him in front of my camera more often!



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