Moments by Sherri | Project 365 | Days 61-62-63

Project 365 | Days 61-62-63

March 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

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Day 61  Bokeh

I totally cheated on this one…this is from Christmas and a picture of my tree.  I was playing around with my settings on my camera, and got this shot!  It’s my favorite one that I got!

Day 62 A Sound

How do you take a picture of a sound?!?!?  Music of course!  I listen to Pandora fitness stations every morning while I’m at the gym.  Perfect songs for working out…I like a variety of music too, as you can tell.

Day 63 Change

We always have a ton of change laying around.  We started putting the change in this cup and every once in a while, we will fill up a roll of coins.  I usually take the coins to use at the car wash.


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