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Family Portrait Time!

November 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This family session though...


Katie is my hair dresser...I've known her since I've lived here in Tucson.  I've done photographs of her boys several times.  Katie and her family are military and are stationed here.  Her mom and dad live here so it's nice that she's in the same town as her parents!  That doesn't happen very often!  Katie has a sister that and brother in law that is also in the military.  They have been overseas for several years, and were coming through town on to their next destination.  This would be the first time the whole family would be together in quite a long time!  

Of course, they all wanted to have the family pictures taken.  We scheduled a day for some nice sunset pictures on base.  The day came, and of course, it was nice during the day.  But as soon as the late afternoon hit, we got rain.  And lots of rain!  Sometimes it would stop and I would think...YES...we can do this!  Then another downpour would start.  We were not meant to get a picture outside apparently.

So...we improvised.  I went to Katie's house.  We re-arranged some furniture and used some of the chairs that I had brought.

Even though it wasn't the best location, the lighting was not good, we got the family picture!  I hope they all enjoyed their short time together and enjoy their pictures.


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